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How does it work?

It's really simple.


Are you an actor, a presenter or do you just have a nice voice?
We can give you the opportunity to:
  • Narrate your first audiobook
  • Get in touch with world-class authors
  • Discover the world of publishing and culture
  • Be part of the realization of an audiobook published all over the world
  • Read books free of charge
  • Earn money with a job that you can manage as you like

Below, step by step, how the system works.

Enter your data

To access all our services you must first sign up.
It's very important that you describe yourself as well as you can. Enter your own detailed biography, so you can attract the attention of authors.

Upload a sample of your voice

Our system will allow you to upload up to five samples of your voice, for each language you know. Samples will be your business card. To make your profile more interesting, record them with different intonations and accents.

Search books to be narrated

By accessing your personal area you can search for books to be narrated. You can select them by author, genre, language and many other options.
Carefully evaluate the books you want to work on. Read with attention the description, the book excerpt and verify the sale figures. If you prefer, contact the author directly and talk about it with him.
The narration could take a long time. Make sure you invest it in the best possible way.
Since the author can optionally give a narration grant, we suggest you to choose books with this option enabled.
The "narration grant"is a minimum fixed amount that you'll get in any case, even if the sales of the translated book won't reach high enough levels that could adequately compensate your work.

If you like it, you could also establish a minimum value of the narration grant, below which authors can't contact you. In this way, you will receive only proposals for the narration of books with a grant greater or equal to the one you established. Anyway, you can always search for books without any grant. Obviously, by setting this value, you might miss the opportunity to narrate an excellent book that has no grant set.

Propose your narration

The system will allow you to propose directly to the author your narration. At this stage, you will have to indicate the work execution times.
As your presentation, you will need to narrate a small sample text (a few paragraphs) that the author will evaluate, before giving you the job.

Sign the narration agreement

Once the author has accepted your narration proposal, you must digitally sign the narration agreement, already signed by the author.
Don't worry because, until you have not narrated the first stage of the 5% of the book and you have not obtained the approval from the author, you can always rescind the contract without incurring in any penalty.

If you don't have a digital signature, you can simply get it from one of our partners like Aruba, Infocert or by any other legally recognized provider, or you can use an alternative method, as described in detail in >> this page <<.

Complete the narration

During this phase, there will be an exchange of information between you and the author, in order to reach the goal. We will always do as guarantors, ensuring that the work will be properly carried out.
At this stage, you will have the obligation to:

  • Narrate the first part of the book (5%)
  • Complete the narration
  • Report to the author any mistake you have found in the book
After that the author has approved the narration of the first part of the book (5%) you can not rescind the contract without incurring the penalty provided for.

Upload the narrated book

After completing the narration, you will need to send the narrated book (audiobook) and we'll publish it.
The management of the publication, the distribution and the accounting of the proceeds from sales will be entirely carried out by us, as described in the narration agreement. You can view at any time the sales data and your earnings, directly from your personal area.

Start earning

It's done!
Your narrated book (audiobook) is for sale in all the best online libraries in the world. You have only to periodically check the sales performance of the audiobook and automatically receive revenues directly in your account.

Revenue sharing

Now you definitely must be wondering how your work will be rewarded. Obviously, no one works for free. The author will share with you a percentage of the sales revenue, following this structure:

From To Author Narrator Tektime
€ 0,00  € 999,99  15% 75% 10%
€ 1.000 € 1.999,99 30% 60% 10%
€ 2.000 € 3.999,99 60% 30% 10%
€ 4.000 € 7.999,99 70% 20% 10%
€ 8.000 € ... 80% 10% 10%

For clarity, we insert a graphical view of the same report:

It is possible to download an Excel spreadsheet where you can simulate sales and revenues.

So what are you waiting for?
Sign up now and become a part of our community.

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