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How does it work?

It's really simple.



Are you a writer and would you like to see your works published and narrated in other languages, but for translation and narration they asked you big bucks?

At last there's a solution, and you won't have to pay anything in advance.

Who guarantees me that the translation will be "well done"?

We have four levels of verification:

  1. The translator's ranking and the related reviews issued by users who have used his services;
  2. The translator can ask the help of other translators to double check his work (proofreading);
  3. Our native speaker volunteer readers issue assessments and reviews on both the quality of the translation and the content of the translated books;
  4. Native-speaking narrators who, in addition to narrating the book, are also required to correct any detected typos;

Beyond that, we perform a series of checks on the translated text. You can do the same by yourself, taking advantage of the help of your friends and acquaintances (social networks like Facebook can help a lot). Don't forget that the translator will have his name put on your book and he will appear everywhere as the translator of that book. It is certainly not in his best interest share a product which could damage his professional figure.

- Always ask our volunteer readers to read the translated text.
- Activate for all your books also their narration. The narrator won't ever read a translation unless it's perfect. Furthermore, he is also required to report, and eventually correct, any mistakes found in the text of the translated book.

From now on, no more doubts about the quality of your translated books!

And now, step by step, we'll show you how our system works:

Enter your data

To access all our services you must first sign up.
It's very important that you describe yourself as well as you can. Enter your own detailed biography, so you can attract the translators' attention.

Enter your books to be translated and/or narrated

From your personal area you can enter all the books you want to be translated or narrated, choosing the language you prefer. We are the only company which has narrators in more than 40 languages and which can distribute audiobooks, narrated in those languages, all over the world.
Here, it will be very important to accurately describe your works (title, series, summary, full description, sales data, etc.). We recommend you to add an excerpt of the original book, to entice the translator or the narrator, to read it and get passionate about your work.

Optionally, you can decide to give a translation grant and/or a narration grant. Namely a minimum fixed amount that the translator/narrator will receive anyway, even if the sales of the translated/narrated book will not reach high enough levels to adequately compensate his work.
Obviously, translation and narration jobs with a higher contribution will be more "attractive" for translators and narrators.

Search for translators/narrators

You can propose your works to up to 5 translators/narrators every day. The translator/narrator will receive a message with your suggestion and can decide whether or not to accept your request.

Evaluate translation/narration proposals

In response to your translation/narration request, or as a direct offer by a translator/narrator, you will receive a message with a translation/narration proposal.
You can evaluate both the translator/narrator (consulting his profile), and the way he works. In fact, in the proposal, there will be also a translation/narration example of a text you entered during the book loading phase.

Sign the translation/narration agreement

Once you have selected a translator/narrator, you must digitally sign the translation agreement or the narration agreement which will then be countersigned by the translator/narrator and by us.
Don't worry because, until you have not approved the first stage of the translation/narration (5% of the book), you can always rescind the contract without incurring in any penalty.

If you don't have a digital signature, you can simply get it from one of our partners like Aruba, Infocert or by any other legally recognized provider. or you can use an alternative method, as described in detail in >> this page <<.

Follow and verify the translation/narration

During this phase, there will be an exchange of information between you and the translator/narrator, in order to reach the goal. We will always do as guarantors, ensuring that the work will be properly carried out.
At this stage, you will have the obligation to:

  • Verify and approve the first part of the translation/narration (5% of the book)
  • Verify and approve the full translation/narration
After your approval of the first part of the translation/narration, you can not rescind the contract without incurring the penalty provided for (translator's/narrator's job protection).

Do you want to narrate your book by yourself?

No problem. To be honest, who can better interpret and transfer to the reader the essence of the plot, the characters and the scenes of your work?
We give you the ability to create your audiobook and publish it to the world best specialized libraries.

Publish the translated book and the audiobook

After the final approval of the translation/narration, you can finally publish the translated book and the audiobook.
The management of the publication, the distribution and the accounting of the proceeds from sales will be entirely carried out by us, as described in the translation agreement and in the narration agreement. You can view at any time the sales data and your earnings, directly in your personal area.

Now you can publish with us even your original books.
Our fees are only 10% off the cover price (VAT excluded).
In addition, your digital works will be sold also in our online bookstore from which you will get 70% of royalty on the book cover price (VAT excluded).
We do not charge any digital books distribution cost.

Start earning

It's done!
Your translated books and your audiobooks are for sale in all the best online libraries in the world. You just have to periodically check the sales performance of your books and automatically receive the revenue directly in your account.

Revenue sharing

Now you definitely must be wondering how the translator's/narrator's work will be rewarded. Obviously, no one works for free. The translator/narrator will share with you a percentage of the sales revenue, following this structure:

From To Author Translator Tektime
€ 0,00  € 999,99  15% 75% 10%
€ 1.000 € 1.999,99 30% 60% 10%
€ 2.000 € 3.999,99 60% 30% 10%
€ 4.000 € 7.999,99 70% 20% 10%
€ 8.000 € ... 80% 10% 10%

For clarity, we insert a graphical view of the same report:

It is possible to download an Excel spreadsheet where you can simulate sales and revenues.


From To Author Narrator Tektime
€ 0,00  € 999,99  15% 75% 10%
€ 1.000 € 1.999,99 30% 60% 10%
€ 2.000 € 3.999,99 60% 30% 10%
€ 4.000 € 7.999,99 70% 20% 10%
€ 8.000 € ... 80% 10% 10%

For clarity, we insert a graphical view of the same report:

It is possible to download an Excel spreadsheet where you can simulate sales and revenues.

Do you think the author's profit is a bit 'too low'?

We realize that, at first glance, it might seem that the translator/narrator is the only one making money. However, you must keep in mind that it is the translator/narrator who will do the bulk of the work. For that reason, it seems fair that the initial proceeds from sales will be theirs.
We are sure that you already tried to ask for a translation/narrator quotation and you noticed how expensive it was.

With us, you have no upfront cost. The sales of your books will offset the costs. Brilliant, isn't it?

Why choose us?

Beware of math!
There are other services that propose a sharing with the translator/narrator even up to 50% (especially for audiobooks). The problem is that this percentage is applied only on the 25% of the selling price (maximum 40%).
Our commission is just 10% on the book retail price (net of taxes and bookstores commissions), the rest is yours. Besides, when sales increase, you can get up to 80%.
We distribute ebooks and audiobooks in 170 different countries and through more than 60 distribution channels. We are one of the largest commercial networks available today for the authors.

So what are you waiting for? Become a part of our community.

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