20/08/2019 - Amazon account: good news!

We'd like to inform all our users that Amazon reopened our account. They simply said that it has been an error. Below the Amazon original message: ________________ We reviewed your response and identified that your account was terminated in error. We apologize for the confusion this has caused. We have reinstated your account to enable you to continue publishing on KDP. Your books are now available for sale in the Kindle store. If your books are enrolled in KDP Select, you are eligible for Kindle Unlimited (KU) and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) royalties. ______________ We were sure that it wasn't our fault. Anyway, let's go ahead. You books are now online again and everything is back to normal. Thank you for your support and understanding. The Traduzionelibri.it Team

17/08/2019 - Books publication on Amazon

This communication to inform all our users of the unspeakable, incorrect and dictatorial behaviour by Amazon that, suddenly and without any justified reason, has decided to close our account we had with them. They have only given a general reason according to which some of our books published with them would not be compliant with their unquestionable "rules", without indicating us either what book, or what rule, or anything else. This resulted in the immediate removal from the sale of ALL our books in all Amazon sites. We would like to clarify that this has effect only for the Amazon library. The others (Google, iTunes, Kobo, etc.) continue to be regularly operational, in addition to a good part of books that (fortunately) we had published on Amazon through our sub-distributors. After three years of work and thousands of books published by us, without giving us the slightest chance of replication, nor having any explanation from them, nor giving us the opportunity to find an alternative solution, with a simple email, they quietly dropped their "cleaver" on our business. Furthermore, depending on this, they will keep all our revenues accrued in the last period. However, we want to reassure you that your percentages will be regularly paid to you. No problem, we'll pay them. In fact we, unlike someone else, are honest and we will never allow ourselves to betray the trust of our users. On this matter, our feeling is that, as has already happened to many other authors / editors, given that our sales figures were considerably growing and that Amazon should have paid us more and more royalties, they have seen fit to close everything and keep all the dough". Obviously, we don't have any proof of this, nor can we move an official accusation like that to a colossus like Amazon, but reading on several online forums (which we suggest you to do, too) it seems to be an operation that Amazon practices very often and with an increasing number of users. Be careful. However, there is good news: we are, albeit slowly, restoring the publication of all our books with Amazon, through our sub-distributors who, very kindly and understanding this absurd situation, have given us their absolute availability for carry out this operation as soon as possible. We trust that everything will return to normal within a couple of weeks. Certain of your understanding, we apologize for this disservice, which is absolutely not dependent on us and we remain at your disposal for any further clarification. Thank you and good luck to everybody.

11/08/2019 - Books apparently ”disapperared” from Amazon

Hello, we'd like to inform our users that there is a temporary issue with books published by Amazon, which seem are "disappeared" from Amazon bookstores (the problem only concerns Amazon and in no way affects the other bookstores). We are working to solve this issue and we are sure it'll be fixed in the next few days. Our apologizes for this inconvenience. Thank you for understanding. The Traduzionelibri.it Team

10/07/2019 - New feature

Now authors can repeat a translation/narration request after three months from the last one already done. Thank you.

16/04/2019 - Books bulk upload

We have activated a new feature that will surely be convenient especially for publishers. In the "My Books" section you will find a new "BOOKS BULK UPLOAD" button, that will allow you to upload all your books in one go. All instructions are shown on the related screen.

12/04/2019 - GREAT NEWS!

We have introduced the "Reader" role. A Reader will have the opportunity to read for free the previews of the new translated books and to give an evaluation of them. This will help both the author and the translator to publish a perfect translation. As thanks for this work, the Reader will have a 30% discount on all the books in our well-stocked online bookstore. Users already registered as authors, translators or narrators, only need to enter their profile (My Account - Change your data) and select the option 'I want to be part of the reader group'. They will also benefit from the mentioned discount.

30/03/2019 - New reports and payments method

In order to continuously improve our services, starting from next month (April 2019) we will modify our reporting and payments system, moving from quarterly to monthly. Practically, at the end of every month, if the minimum threshold of 50 EUR has been reached, we'll issue all the receipts / invoices related to royalties collected up to two months before. (For example: at the end of April we'll report royalty collected until the end of February). The payments will therefore no longer be quarterly but monthly. All contracts will be updated with this change so, please, use the new version. Hoping to have done something pleasant, we wish you all the best.

25/03/2019 - New signature tool

To facilitate the procedures for signing contracts, is available, to all users, a new tool which will allow them to sign agreements (not digitally) in a simpler and faster way. You can find it directly in the translation / narration form. Thank you.

01/03/2019 - New proposals acceptation terms

We have modified the terms concerning the acceptation of the translations/narrations proposals, from 30 to 7 days. If translations/narrations proposals are not accepted by the authors within 7 days, they will be automatically canceled by the system.

25/02/2019 - Chat with us

We have activated the possibility to chat directly with us. If you need any help or any information, click on the blue link on the bottom left corner and you can talk to one of our operators.

20/02/2019 - New feature

We have introduced a new feature to show you our service performances.
Please have a look here:
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01/01/2019 - New distributor

We are pleased to announce that your books will now be available at our new Russian distributor www.litres.ru

01/09/2018 - New distributor

We are pleased to announce that your books will now be available at our new Arabic distributor www.neelwafurat.com