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Making a professional audiobook is not easy but if you have the right knowledge and the right tools you can do it without any problem. Let's see how.

Technical requirements


  • A computer
  • A high-quality microphone with a stand and possibly with a pop filter
  • A recording environment with very little to no background noise and no echo
  • Headphones (optional)


There are a lot of programs able to record voice and music. The most used for audiobooks are:

Audio requirements

Each mp3 file you record must comply with all of the following requirements. Each single file must:

  • contain only one chapter/section per file, with the section header read aloud
    You'll be prompted to upload each file individually with its chapter/section name.
  • have a running time no longer than 60 minutes
    Files over 60 minutes are not supported. If a section will be over 60 minutes long, find a good break in the narration and split the section into two files. A secondary section header must be included on continuations. If the section began with a header, such as "Chapter 2", we recommend starting the second file with "Chapter 2 continued". This will help ensure listeners can easily navigate from section to section.
  • have room tone at the beginning (between 0.5 to 1 second) and end (between 1 to 5 seconds) and be free of extraneous sounds
    This space is required to ensure titles are successfully encoded in the many formats made available to customers. It also gives listeners an audio cue that they have reached the beginning or end of a section.
  • Each file must measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS.
    Put simply, all files must fall within a specific volume range. By keeping all files within this range - not too loud and not too soft - listeners won't have to constantly adjust the volume of their playback device.
  • Each file must have peak values no higher than -3dB.
    By leaving this headroom you'll reduce the possibility of distortion, which can reduce the quality of the listening experience. This headroom is also needed to ensure files are successfully encoded.
  • Each file must have a noise floor no higher than -60dB RMS.
    Noisy files that contain background sounds and other distractions make it difficult for listeners to focus on the material.
  • Each file must be 192kbps, 44.1kHz MP3, Constant Bit Rate (CBR).
    You may upload 256kbps or 320kbps files if you'd like, but the difference in quality heard by listeners will be negligible so it is absolutely not raccomended, especially for audiobooks with a duration greater than one hour.
  • All files must be the same channel format (All mono or all stereo files).
    Record each file with the same format (mono or stereo).
  • Each uploaded file must be no larger than 150MB.
    Files larger than 150MB are not supported. If a file will be over 150MB, find a good break in the narration and split the section into two files. A secondary section header must be included on continuations. If the section began with a header, such as "Chapter 2", we recommend starting the second file with "Chapter 2 continued". This will help ensure listeners can easily navigate from section to section.
  • Your submitted audiobook must be narrated by a human.
    IMPORTANT! Text-to-speech recordings are not allowed. Our listeners choose audiobooks for the performance of the material, as well as the story. To meet that expectation, your audiobook must be recorded by a human.

The final audiobook must be composed of:

  • Opening credits file (Intro) IN THE NARRATION LANGUAGE
    [Title of audiobook] (required)
    [Subtitle of audiobook] (if applicable)
    [Series of audiobook] (if applicable)
    Written by [name of author] (required)
    Narrated by [name of narrator] (required)
    Published by Tektime (required)
  • Chapter/section files
    List of all mp3 files ordered by chapter/section (e.g., "Prologue", "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", etc.).
  • Closing credits (End) IN THE NARRATION LANGUAGE
    This has been [title of audiobook]
    Written by [name of author]
    Narrated by [name of narrator]
    Copyright [year and name of copyright holder] (optional)
    Production copyright [year it was recorded] by [company name] (optional)
    The End (required)
  • Retail audio sample file (Promo)
    This sample should start with narration, not opening credits or music and it has to be between one and five minutes long. The sample must not include explicit material. This sample is used by customers to preview of your audiobook free of charge.

Original book revision

If the narrator has found any errors on the original book file, he could send the author the new revised version, uploading it to the system.

Narration steps

  • Book reading
    We strongly recommend reading the entire book before starting the narration, so you can understand the plot, the characters and the scenes perfectly. At this stage, if you find errors or denials in the original book, you are required to make the necessary corrections and to report them to the author, as indicated in the last step in this section (End of the narration).
  • Opening credits creation
    Narrate and send the file with the opening credits.
  • Chapters/sections narration
    In the Audiobook Management section you can send the various files containing each chapter/section and sort them in the right sequence.
  • Closing credits creation
    Narrate and send the file with the closing credits.
  • Promo file creation
    Narrate and send the Promo file with an audiobook excerpt that will be played, free of charge on online bookstores, by readers potentially interested in audiobook purchasing.
  • Original book revision
    If mistakes were found in the original book, you will need to correct them and send the modified book file to the system.
  • End of the narration
    After the creation of all the required files, you must indicate to the system that the narration has been terminated by pressing the "Narration end" button, in the Audiobook management section. The files will then be sent to the author for approval and for the subsequent publication.

Audiobook cover rules

The audiobook cover must be:

  • JPG format
  • Not smaller than 2500 x 2500 pixels
  • Not smaller than 72 dpi resolution
  • 24-bit (True Color) minimum
  • RGB color (not CYMK)
  • Images must be a true square, not a rectangular image with borders

Audiobook cover image content:

  • Must contain both the name of the title and author(s)
  • Must contain the narrator's name
  • Cannot refer to physical media (such as CDs) other than the audio presented
  • Cannot show scans of jewel cases, promotional stickers, or cellophane
  • No pornographic or offensive materials

Audiobook price guidelines

The price of an audiobook varies according to the duration, genre, price of similar audiobooks and the target to which it is aimed. For example, maximize revenue for each sale or have more exposure (set a lower price).
The table below offers general guidelines for setting price based on audiobook's length.

Duration General Range (EUR)
Less than 1 hour 4.00 – 7.00
1 to 3 hours 7.00 – 12.00
3 to 6 hours 10.00 – 15.00
6 to 10 hours 15.00 – 25.00
10 to 15 hours 17.50 – 25.00
15 to 20 hours 20.00 – 30.00
More than 20 hours 25.00 – 40.00



To improve the quality of your audio files we suggest using software tools (audio enhancers) such as Adobe Podcasts: