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Terms and Conditions


Tektime will monthly publish, in the section of the Portal ("Sales"), the books and audio books sales, indicating copies sold and the relative income.
The data displayed in this section are only for statistical purposes and may change due to local taxation and redemption or refund of purchased books. These data are not in real-time because sales channels can send them even with delays longer than 30 days.
The official sales data, that will be used to pay the revenue, are only and exclusively those that will be shown in the "Invoices" section.

Translation/narration grant

The translation/narration grant will be considered like a book sale even if it is "special" (Golden copy). So, it will follow the same books sales reporting and payment rules.

Billing request

At the end of each calendar quarter, Tektime will automatically generate a billing request related to the book sales revenue. The invoice will be automatically created by the system. It will only be required to indicate its progressive number and its date of issue.
The invoice must be approved by the user and only after such approval it can be enabled for payment.

Minimum threshold

In the event that the amount which Tektime has to pay to the user, for the reported quarter, is less than 50 Euro, that amount will be accrued and accumulated to the proceeds of the subsequent quarters, until reaching the 50 Euro threshold. On exceeding this threshold, the proceeds can be paid.
In any case, in the year-end report, all accumulated earnings will be paid, even if they are below the minimum threshold.


Tektime, just after 60 days of the invoice date, will send the payment to the user in the manner indicated at the time of subscription (PayPal, TransferWise, etc.)


Invoices and payments will be made exclusively in EURO. Tektime will not be responsible for any losses resulting from changes in exchange rates in other currencies.


Italian law, in the case of physical persons (individual), requires us to apply the withholding tax indicated in the invoice.

We will send an annual certification report to use in your tax return.

If you meet the necessary requirements and if your country has entered into an agreement to avoid double taxation, you can request the refund of that amount. All information regarding the procedure to be followed can be found here:

>> ITALIAN REVENUE AGENCY - Agenzia delle entrate (Double taxation relief) <<
>> ITALIAN REVENUE AGENCY - Agenzia delle entrate (Claim for a tax refund) <<