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Translators:  34890
Narrators:  4025
Authors:  5342
Books:  11599


  into 78 different languages  

For Authors, the works can be requested in the following ways:




Translations and narrations costs will be completely covered by end users. We will acquire translation and narration rights for the languages we manage. The costs will be assessed based on the genre, language and length of the text.
No upfront cost for the authors. We will handle the translations, narrations, and their publication. You won't have to do anything. A detailed quote will be provided.
Translators and narrators will share the proceeds from sales with the authors. You will receive a percentage on all sales of your translated and narrated works. Utmost transparency and professionalism.
All work is carried out by humans
  • Traduzione gratuita libri/Books translation in revenue sharing
  • Traduzione gratuita libri/Books translation in revenue sharing

    Translation of your books with no cost

    Realize the dream of translating your books in other languages
  • Traduzione gratuita libri/Books translation in revenue sharing

    Create your audiobooks

    Your works will be heard all over the world

Distribution in 170 countries

Traduzione e narrazione gratuita libri


Because of this innovative idea, authors and translators will be able to collaborate in the translation of books, novels and all kind of literary works, sharing the sales proceeds evenly.
In the same way, it will be possible for the authors to create the audiobook version of their works.


Our service will make possible the dream of all authors to see their work published into 78 different languages and their distribution all over the world FREE OF CHARGE.

Notice! We do not offer an automatic translation service nor a synthesized computer voice narration but a work done by real translators and by real narrators.

This idea stems from the need of many writers to spread their works all over the world. Writing and selling in the country of origin isn't complicated at all. Problems arise when you decide to enter the global market. Contacting a translation agency or a recording studio, quite often, means to advance a considerable amount of money and not everyone has that chance.
We put at your disposal our experience and our translators, narrators and distribution system, to ensure that the dream to publish your books in dozens of different languages, can finally come true.

Our goal is to put order in the chaos of the self-publishing. The customer who purchases a book published by us, has to be sure that he will receive a perfect formatted book, an e-book readable by any reader and an audiobook compatible with the most used media players. Sometimes we might be a bit too demanding to our subscribers but it is done for the good of all and to obtain the highest quality of our services and products.

With us you could get up to 90% of royalty on the book cover price

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 • Enter books to be translated or narrated

 • Choose a translator or a narrator

 • Propose your book

 • Start selling all over the world

 • No cost

The translator and the narrator will share with you the books sales revenue. It's amazing, isn't it?


 • Choose books that interest you

 • Translate them in one or more languages you know

 • Share revenues with the author

 • Your name will appear as translator on each book

It's a great opportunity to take advantage of your language skills.


 • Choose a book you like

 • Read it aloud and record your narration

 • Share the audiobook sales revenues with the author

 • Your name will appear as a narrator of the audiobook

Your voice will make even more exciting the book you have narrated.
Listening is the new reading.


 • Enter the books details of your authors

 • Choose translators and narrators

 • Propose your books

 • Start selling all over the world

 • No cost

Translators and Narrators will share with you the books sales revenue. It's amazing, isn't it?


 • Sign up as an affiliate and you'll get a personal link to promote our services

 • Invite your friends, writers, translators and narrators to join our community

 • Invite other users to sign up through internet, social networks, blogs, etc.

 • Earn a percentage, forever, on sales of books published, translated or narrated by the people you've invited.

It's a simple and effective way that will allow you to make money without any effort.


 • Enroll your authors

 • Enter their books to be translated or narrated

 • Distribute their translated/narrated books, keeping your commissions

 • Authors and Translators/Narrators will share the revenue from book sales

This is an excellent service that you can provide to your customers.


 • Read for free the previews of the new translated books and give your own evaluation

 • Help authors by leaving a review on their new books

 • Get an incredible 30% discount on all books in our online bookstore

By joining our community of readers, you will have the chance to read lots of books, in over thirty different languages and contribute to the publication of perfectly translated books. Thank you for your help.

Go global

Join us now and you will become part of a great community that
aims to spread the culture of every nation all over the world.

Boosting Book Sales with AI-Free Certification

What is an AI-Free Certificate?

An AI-Free Certificate represents a declaration and verification process designed to confirm that a book or a translated work has been crafted with minimal or no reliance on artificial intelligence.
This certification guarantees readers that the content primarily stems from human creativity and expertise, featuring minimal to no use of AI software, algorithms or automated tools.

Getting an AI-Free Certificate for your book goes beyond a badge of distinction – it becomes a strong draw for potential buyers. Let's dig into how this certification not only enhances the appeal of your work but also boosts its marketability, making it an enticing and favored choice for thoughtful readers.

  • Building Trust: Readers are increasingly mindful of the influence of technology on content creation. An AI-Free Certificate builds trust by assuring readers that your book is crafted with human creativity and expertise, free from extensive reliance on AI.
  • Authenticity Sells: In a market saturated with various forms of content, authenticity stands out. Highlighting your AI-Free Certification emphasizes the authentic and human-driven nature of your book, appealing to readers who value genuine, non-automated content.
  • Quality Assurance: The certification process involves a thorough examination of your book's content, ensuring high-quality writing, creativity and originality. This assurance of quality can attract discerning readers who seek well-crafted and thoughtfully produced works.
  • Appealing to Ethical Readers: As ethical considerations become more prominent in consumers' minds, having an AI-Free Certificate demonstrates your commitment to transparency and ethical content creation. This can resonate with readers who prefer supporting content produced without extensive AI involvement.
  • Standing Out in Marketing: Use the AI-Free Certification as a powerful marketing tool. Incorporate the certification badge on your book cover, promotional materials and online platforms to catch the eye of potential readers. Clearly communicate the authenticity and human touch your book offers.

Gain a competitive edge in the market, boost reader confidence and elevate your book's sales by proudly featuring the

AI-Free Certification!



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