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How does it work?

It's really simple.



Read for free the previews of the new translated books and give your own evaluation

  • Do you have a great passion for reading?
  • Would you like to get a 30% discount on all books in our online bookstore?
  • Would you like to leave comments and reviews on the books you've read?

Then you're in the right place!
Below, step by step, how the system works:

Sign up for our service as a ''Reader''

To access all our services you must first sign up filling out all the required data.

ATTENTION! If you are already registered as an author, translator or narrator, just enter your profile (My Account - Change your data) and select the option 'I want to be part of the Reader group'. You will also benefit from a 30% discount on all books in our online library.

Choose the books you want to read

  • Choose the books you like, selecting them by language, genre, author, etc.
  • Download the books you've selected (the books are just previews and may not be perfectly formatted yet).
  • Use your personal link, which will be provided at the time of registration, and insert it in your website, in your blog, newsletter or in any post on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.) to promote our service.

Evaluate the books read

In your personal area you can leave an evaluation of the translation and the content of the books you have read. This will help both the author and the translator to publish a perfect translated book. Thank you.

Your library

In your personal area you will be able to see the list of all the books you are reading, those already read and all the reviews you have left.

On-line Bookstore

After completing the registration, you will find in your profile the coupon reserved to you, which will allow you to download, from our well-stocked online bookstore, all the books you like, with an incredible 30% discount.

Contact us

If you need clarification regarding this service, please ask for more information.

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