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Entrance (Book 1)

Entrance (Book 1)

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Author: J. J. Sorel

When Clarissa Moone, a smart art history grad, lands a job working for the enigmatic Aidan Thornhill, the last thing she imagines is romance.

Aidan is a self-made billionaire whose early life is shrouded in mystery. Fleeing a scandal, he joined the army and, years later, returned with bad memories and a million dollars. Now, he’s one of LA’s wealthiest bachelors—and he’s also hot.

Not expecting to fall for the voluptuous Clarissa, Aidan breaks his golden rule: one steamy night on his private yacht, he seduces her. When he discovers her lack of experience, instead of running, he takes control.

Aidan’s dark past is never far behind. Stirring trouble are three figures—a former soldier, an ex-convict, and a spoiled old flame with sharp claws—emerge to reap revenge.

Determined to have Clarissa even if it means losing everything, Aidan goes into battle, while Clarissa must decide whether to ignore the rumors and continue to bathe in Aidan’s charms… or leave her dream job.

Young art history graduate, Clarissa Moone lands a job working for billionaire, Aidan Thornhill. After sharing a rundown apartment in downtown LA with her best friend, Clarissa’s life changes dramatically when she moves into Thornhill’s lavish Malibu estate.
Aidan Thornhill is a self-made billionaire. Following a troubled upbringing and a scandal at the age of sixteen involving his teacher, he joins the army. Fighting for the Special Forces, he tours Afghanistan. There, events shape Aidan’s future, both dramatically and fortuitously.
Ambushed by the Taliban, eleven soldiers in the platoon are gunned down. Aidan, along with two other soldiers, survives. One of those, Ben, is seriously wounded and cannot walk. As the Taliban approach, Ben pleads with Aiden to shoot him rather than let him be taken as prisoner. Accepting that he’s unable to get his friend to safety in time, and with only seconds until he faces capture, Aiden makes the gut-wrenching decision to kill his best friend. It’s either that or have Ben dragged along the street as a trophy by the Taliban.
Just before Aidan pulls the trigger, Ben hands him a key to his locker, telling him that inside is an envelope.
Following an act that will haunt Aidan for the rest of his life, he manages to make his way to the evacuation zone, where a helicopter awaits. Fellow soldier Bryce has already made it to safety. Aidan is unaware that Bryce witnessed the shooting.
Back home in the US, Bryce turns to drugs, drink and gambling. Upon learning of Aidan Thornhill’s ascendency, he blackmails the tycoon by demanding a well-paying role in his empire. He becomes Aidan’s nemesis throughout this saga.
Whilst building his empire, Aidan is pursued by nightmares. The harrowing experience on the battlefield will continue to plague him, as will one other secret, buried deep: the blood-soaked key that Ben gave him opened a locker. Inside, he found an envelope with a million American dollars. What Aidan didn’t know at the time was that the cash had been flown in by the CIA to bribe local tribes for safe passage of soldiers. Only one other is privy to the money’s existence: Bryce, the mastermind, who, along with Ben, had stolen the untraceable cash.
With this cash, Aidan spends a year drifting around Europe, soaking in culture, learning about and developing a passion for art. With the other half, he invests in penny stocks and makes a fortune on the stock market. Many astute investments later, Aidan Thornhill’s star rises and he becomes one of Malibu’s wealthiest residents.
Clarissa is not only the most beautiful girl Aidan has ever met, but her gentle, well-educated manner makes him fall head over heels in love. When she enters his world, the innocent girl is new to love, having lived a life devoted to books and art with her academic, widowed father.
Aidan, with his movie-star looks, his love of art, and his passionate support for the downtrodden wins Clarissa’s heart. With his striking good looks and Clarissa’s voluptuous, classic beauty, they carve a passionate romance made in heaven.
Being a private man, Aidan’s past slowly obstructs his path to ideal love. There are enemies in the guise of a haughty society-girl/ex-financée, who, being still in love with Aidan, is determined to win him back even if it involves telling lies, therefore driving a wedge between Clarissa and Aidan. After a falling out with Aidan, Bryce Beaumont threatens to destroy him. And out for blood is the brutish husband of the teacher who took Aidan’s virginity. After being released from prison after murdering his wife, his sole aim is to get Aidan Thornhill.

Book 1, Entrance, brings the passionate and insatiable lovers together. Book 2, Enlighten, is about the ghosts of Aidan’s past haunting him and threatening to destroy his fairy tale romance with Clarissa. And Book 3, Enfold, is about reparation, exoneration, and a magnificent wedding.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
Secondary genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica
Adult-contents book
Language: English
Words count: 89000
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