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The Devil`s Society

The Devil`s Society

The Awakening

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Author: Ben Midland

The Devil`s Society is a book with a controversial subject about the inhabitants of the Vatican.

In the catacombs of a Papal Basilica in Rome, the mutilated body of a Cardinal is found by the police. Evidence discovered at the scene of the crime points to William R. Sandwell, an American professor staying in Rome. When an anonymous person sends Sandwell a mysterious text message that leads him to a valuable religious relic the police begin to close in.
Pursued by Italian Police Inspector De Angelis, Sandwell is determined to prove his innocence and find the true perpetrators. Assisted by beautiful Italian activist Rafaella Fabbri, Sandwell soon realizes the murderer lives in the Vatican. Their investigation exposes a ruthless group of corrupt clergy within the Vatican whose goal is nothing less than world domination. In a race against time, Rafaella and Sandwell must discover who is behind the plot and find a way to stop them before they can sabotage an important summit of world leaders in Rome.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Secondary genre: FICTION / Thrillers
Adult-contents book
Language: English
Words count: 71065
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