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The Best Chocolate-Related Recipes

The Best Chocolate-Related Recipes

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Author: Celine Claire

This e-book is all about choco-related recipes using chocolates from everywhere.

It was pure serendipity when Ruth Wakefield, the one who discovered baking of chocolate chip cookies, when she had to think fast when she unexpectedly ran out of ingredients while baking cookies for some guests. She was using another type of chocolate in one of her famous chocolate-related recipes at a small inn she was operating when she thought of using semi-sweet Nestle chocolates. And surprisingly, instead of melting, she found the chocolate chips just turning soft. And the result? A truly delightful treat of crunchy but chewy-on-the-inside cookies, now popularly known as the `chocolate chip cookies` loved anywhere in the world!

Boundless Possibilities of Reinventing Choco Chip Cookies
And since the discovery of these all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies,
hundreds of recipes have already evolved, each recreating the recipe and trying to improve the cookies to even greater perfection! There are just so many varieties
of the recipe of the chocolate chip cookies we all love.

Genre: COOKING / Courses & Dishes / Chocolate
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Language: English
Words count: 5995