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Dragons Do It Nerdier

Dragons Do It Nerdier

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Author: Gemma Cates

A blocked writer looking for inspiration and a nerdy dragon looking for love.

**A blocked writer looking for inspiration**


I write about bad men who do dirty things to needy women.

Or I *used* to.

I`m on a deadline and the words aren`t coming. My creative well is nothing more than a mud puddle. Perhaps a reflection of my equally uninspiring life.

But then I encounter a smoking man with a serious book habit at my local library. Suddenly, *he`s* my hero.

I`m writing about a gorgeous bespectacled guy with lickable abs and bitable biceps.

The words are flowing, but it`s not the book I meant to write. Not enough handcuffs, too many teeth and claws...and I`m not entirely sure why.

**A nerdy dragon looking for love**


I found her. My ****one true mate. And...

She thinks I`m a lunatic.

”Dragons aren`t real.”

I just have to convince a woman with an imagination so vast she creates fictional worlds for a living that everything she`s ever dreamt is real, magic included.

No problem.

Without revealing my true form.

More complicated.

While keeping her safe.


*Note from the author: This book contains a practical writer who’s certain that dreams and magic are for children, and that happily-ever-after only exists in fiction. It also contains a badass nerd dragon who`s ready for love...until he meets the woman of his dreams and realizes life with him is full of unavoidable dangers.*

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal
Secondary genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy
Adult-contents book
Language: English
Words count: 58937
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