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The Land Of The Ancient Vyrajian Gods. Book 8. City Of Jaromargrad And Wulf`s Secret

The Land Of The Ancient Vyrajian Gods. Book 8. City Of Jaromargrad And Wulf`s Secret

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Author: Elena Kryuchkova

The man goes on a journey that will greatly change his life... A young man meets a wolf in the forest...

Excerpts from the book:
...A faint dawn began to break through the dense canopy of trees, Wulf awoke. But he did not rush back to the parental castle. He wanted to be alone in the forest, breathe deeply. Feel complete freedom. And he decided to continue on his way.
As a result, the young hunter did not return to Hammaburg for several days. He ate prey and slept on the ground, enjoying it indescribably. He completely forgot that his father was waiting for him at home, unable to find a place for himself because of anxiety. The only thing that then existed for Wulf was the desire to hunt and be in the forest, driving away all other thoughts.
One night, when the boy was tracking down another prey, he suddenly clearly felt someone`s presence. Young Hogerfest sniffed. The smell surprised him: both wolfish and human.
Wulf looked worried, took the dagger and prepared the dart. It seemed that his sight and hearing were concentrated to the limit, trying to find a mysterious guest in the forest thicket.
Soon the bushes, growing slightly to the side, began to move, and a young wolf appeared before the gaze of the alarmed boy. The beast looked closely at the young hunter, sniffed he and barked peacefully. Then, without signs of any aggression, he peacefully lay down on the ground, continuing to look at Wulf with humanly intelligent eyes.
The boy looked at him in surprise...
Wulf, feeling curiosity, but still looking at the beast with wariness, cautiously approached him a step. The wolf, showing peaceful intentions, continued to lie on the ground, wagging his tail. From time to time he uttered peaceful sounds.
“Are you tame?” asked Wulf. The wolf cub seemed to look at him in amazement, continuing to lie quietly and make good-natured sounds.
The boy looked at the animal in surprise. Something told him: the animal is actually very smart. But how to talk to him? But what if talk to the wolf cub in the Slavic language, which his mother taught him in childhood?
The boy again (his tongue did not obey him) repeated his question, now in Slavic:
“Are you tame?”
The mother`s language was difficult for the hunter, but the wolf seemed to understand everything and, as if in confirmation, barked.
The Knyaz of the Pomeranian lands, Cheslav, has long dreamed of visiting Jaromargrad and the famous sanctuary of Svetovit in order to pray to god and bow to the iron Rarog. In addition, rumors reached him that during the battle at Stargard, the gods themselves came to the aid of the Lutici on Rarogs and chariots, striking the enemies with fiery arrows.
Cheslav was surprised by this news a lot, and he immediately remembered Rarog from the island of Rügen, about whom people talked so much. An impudent thought immediately came to the head of the Pomeranian Knyaz...
Cheslav ordered to prepare everything necessary for the journey to Jaromargrad and collect rich offerings for the Temple. Leaving the management of the lands to his faithful advisers for a while, he set out with a squad of warriors. At first, they thought to set off on the water, along the Alster River, but there was a risk towards the end of the way to meet Saxon ships. Therefore, they decided to go by ground, through the Slavic lands, already at the end of the journey, by the sea, hiring ships.
Officially, the purpose of the visit was to worship Svetovit and Rarog, in order to ask them for their blessings and protect the lands of the Pomeranians from the Saxons. In fact, Knyaz wanted something completely different. Namely: the secret of the creation of Rarog...

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Historical
Secondary genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal
Language: English
Words count: 18290
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