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A Touch Of Monster Hunter Romance

A Touch Of Monster Hunter Romance

Four Van Helsing Sister Adventures

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Author: Gemma Cates

Four spicy hot adventures with the monster-hunting Van Helsing sisters!

Mariah, Mia, Morgan, and Tilly each meet their possible happily-ever-afters in these steamy, action-filled stories.

A Touch of Wild: Mariah`s a monster hunter who needs to open her eyes enough to see the man in front of her. Barrett`s more than the beastly bite that infected him.

A Touch of Crazy: Mia`s a monster hunter with a bit of a crush on a guy...or perhaps a mild, but completely non-stalkerish obsession, and Dylan`s a hot human with buns of steel and an adorable white-knight complex.

A Touch of Wicked: Morgan`s a lone-wolf monster hunter who needs a partner more than she realizes, and Aiden`s an ice witch who`s anything but cold.

A Touch of Sin: Tilly`s a pissed off monster hunter on a mission to make her bangable boss pay, and Rafe`s a grumpy ex-hunter with a thing for his employee.

The Van Helsing women might be kick ass monster hunters, but they share a common weakness: sexy men with a touch of a dominant streak in the bedroom.

Join the Van Helsing sisters as they meet their sexy alpha mates!

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal
Secondary genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal
Adult-contents book
Language: English
Words count: 33000
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