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In The Alpha`s Bed

In The Alpha`s Bed

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Author: Kate Rudolph

Everything comes to an end…

Mel promised herself that she would get her vengeance on the witch who slaughtered her family, or die trying. Now a world-renowned thief, she’s ready to make good. But things are complicated. That witch, Ava, hasn’t just targeted Mel, she’s coming for the only people on the planet that Mel cares about.

Vengeance is best served hot…

Luke could never have predicted the path that Mel would bring him down. But now he’ll do anything to save his sister’s life and capture his thief’s heart. Ava threatens his pack, determined to steal a magic artifact of imense power that he never knew he possessed.

Falling in love has never been so deadly…

In the midst of all of this, Luke and Mel have found each other. But Mel doesn’t know how to do relationships, and Luke’s pack isn’t keen on having a thief as their female alpha. When Mel and Luke are together, their relationship is explosive. But that fire will either cleanse… or destroy.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal
Secondary genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy
Language: English
Words count: 35000
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