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Winning Battles Of Life Through Prayers

Winning Battles Of Life Through Prayers

A Turn Around Powerful Packed Prayers That Redeem Your Life & Destiny From The Enemy Empire

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Author: Samson Olasoju

This prayer pamphlet is an inspiration from the almighty God of the universe. Written and compilation of the devotional prayer points took a long run of good 21-days to conclude.

Therefore, my amiable readers, the prayers are not just compiled, but they are full with God’s anointing and the Holy Spirit dwelling in it. Take a step of Faith, use this pamphlet with whole of your heart and see how the Lord answers by fire.

This powerful prayer manual consist of real practical approach prayer points as released from the throne of Almighty; to deal with the devil and his principalities.You`ve tried it your way and failed. Don`t give up! Choose to stay in the game and see how God even takes our mistakes and builds them into our greatest victories.How many times have we heard this one: ”It doesn`t matter if you win or lose its how you play the game that counts?” Some of us realized winning meant a lot when we noticed that the guys who got the girls were the ones who won the starting positions on the team. Even if how they played the game was anything but nice, they still won and got the girls.Go out in life thinking that winning does not matter and you will be very disappointed. Winning matters a lot. Winners get the best stuff. The world talks about and celebrates winners, while it shuns the loser who seems to not have what it takes or has it for a while and then loses it. The winners are the ones that count.This book is a guide for your spiritual release.

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